Trevor Kollmann

I am a Research Fellow in Economics at the Centre for Transformative Innovation at Swinburne University of Technology with an interest in evaluating government policy from a historical and modern perspective.

My work combines rigorous econometrics, historical insights and solid economic theory to understand the dynamics of policies from both a historical and modern perspective. My recent research interests explore issues on racial segregation, regional housing affordability, and the value of heritage housing.

I work with policymakers to evaluate the impact of government programs.  A recent project included evaluating Austrade's tailored service using quasi-experimental methods and measuring its impact on exports and other measures of firm performance. I am currently working on developing a framework to explore the relationship between international trademarking activity and it's link to global trade.

What I Do

Urban Economics

As an urban economist, I have experience valuing tangible and intangible amenities for housing, economic spillovers of infrastructure, and estimating the dynamics of population flows.

Innovation Economics

I have expertise in the role that trademarks play within the complex world of international trade and how the distribution of innovation is concentrated within cities and regions.



I have years of experience in cutting-edge econometric methods including quasi-experimental methods such as propensity score methods as well as spatial econometric techniques.

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems

Many of my research projects involve the use of Geographic Information Systems. I have used QGIS, ArcGIS Pro, as well as ArcMap in my current work to both create shapefiles as well as to analyse complex data within a GIS environment.